Most simple computing

So there it is- tips, for most simple computing:

1. Use smartphone, about 5.5 inch, better android. Smartphone is truly mobile device and universal, has many functions (camera, gps, music and many more).
2. Use mobile internet, and don’t be connected all the time, for example i have carrier with free internet on sumer nights from 23:00 to 6:00, and for small fee i have unlimited mobile internet for non summer nights and for weekends. If i’m not connected on internet all the time, i’m less distracted.
3. Use offline apps like owncloud news service ( it updates your feeds when you connected, and you can read it even if you are offline. Use offline maps for gps navigation like osmand. Use offline wikipedia app kiwix. Use mail client like k9 mail.
How you imagine simple computing?

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